Dinavar is a beautiful and ancient resort, with so many natural attractions, located in a mountainous region in the north of Kermanshah province in Iran. There are nomads living in the neighboring villages, still respecting their age-old rituals and traditions, particularly in Kan

روستای کندوله جزء هدف گردشگری استان
روستای کندوله جزء هدف گردشگری استان

douleh, Karizaqeh, and Kortavij.

History of the area dates back to 11000 years ago, known as the first human habitat in Middle East. Natural springs, fertile farms, and diverse kinds of fruit gardens are among some key-note features of the region. We endeavor to provide the visitors with sufficient facilities to register a memorable stay for them.

What you can discover in Dinor’s touristic village are the following:

  1. Experiencing baking bread with the nomadic women
  2. Staying the night in traditional Siah Chador (black tents)
  3. Being entertained with local breakfasts, lunch and dinner
  4. Having fun milking cows or goats and making diaries with fresh milk
  5. Having excitement with riding horses
  6. Learning how to knit the artefacts of the region such as Rugs, Gelim, Giveh.
  7. Taking part in activities like wool clipping ceremony, making grape juice, tomato paste, dried apricots and…
  8. Finally and maybe most interesting of all participating in festivals and wedding celebrations of the locals in the area

پاسخ دهید